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To Love, Honour & Betray - the sequel to The House of Secrets: Julia's Story

J Mary Masters

To Love, Honour & Betray - the sequel to The House of Secrets: Julia's Story

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To Love, Honour & Betray, Book 2 of the Belleville family saga by J Mary Masters is now available. 

About the book

It's 10 years since the end of book 1, The House of Secrets: Julia's Story and the stresses are beginning to show in two marriages.

Julia Belleville, now Fitzroy, continues to mourn the daughter she was forced to give up, while her husband James begins to look elsewhere.

And Catherine, Richard Belleville's wife, restless and unimpressed by her life in Australia, embraces the unexpected events in her family that draw her back to her English life.

Hundreds of miles from the Belleville family's grand home Prior Park, a terrible accident robs a young girl of her parents. It is only later that the consequences of this tragedy become known.

And what of Alistair McGovern, the late Francis Belleville's bastard son? Now a young adult, he demands his share of the Belleville fortune but he is spurned by the two brothers, Richard and William, who will do anything to ensure that this terrible secret never reaches their mother Elizabeth Belleville. When he is finally rejected, his anger and disappointment can only lead him in one direction.

And what of Dr Philippe Duval, the man Julia loved and lost. What news from the past brings him back to Australia, a country he thought he would never visit again?

In this sequel to The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story the Belleville family’s secrets and betrayals are ruthlessly exposed.

Want to read the first book in the series, The House of Secrets: Julia's Story? You can buy the original edition for just $18.95. 

ISBN 9780994327611

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